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Are you in a dolls’ house club?

April 11th, 2013

From time to time on this blog we mention news from dolls’ house clubs across the country.


They’re a great place to get together with like-minded people, swap hints and tips – and even perhaps embark on a joint project.

Dolls’ house clubs meet up and down and the country and around the world and provide a great platform to extend that network of miniature enthusiasts.

Do let us know if you’re an active member of a dolls’ house clubs, and what’s going on there. Drop us a line at pr@dollshouse.co.uk

If you’re looking to find one to join, there are many places to meet with dolls’ house enthusiasts online. Try looking on Yahoo Groups for dolls’ house clubs or social networking sites like Facebook.

Many have listings in the dolls’ house press and take part in regional fairs.

You never who you might meet and strangers will quickly become friends, just as many of you have discovered on our forum!


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