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All Change Please!

April 30th, 2013

Change isn’t always a welcome guest, but sometimes it can not only be necessary but can bring new life and energy just when it is needed.

The Dolls House Emporium recently underwent such a change, when Jackie Lee, the founder and managing director retired.

As a company we are now part of the MyHobbyStore group of companies. MyHobbyStore and their sister company, MyTimeMedia, are a collection of specialist niche hobby retailers and publications who love collectors, and collecting, of all genres. Under the publication arm of the company, there are in excess of 15 specialist publications, including one that’s been printed since the Victorian era.

Whilst customers might have experienced a few glitches in the past month whilst we moved our warehousing, the usual high standards of service have now resumed and we’re happy that as a company our future is secure – and that we can continue to provide you all with some of the best miniatures and dolls’ houses for you to continue to enjoy this super hobby.

The same highly knowledgeable and friendly staff are still at the end of the phone, answering the emails and taking your orders and we aim to be doing so for many years to come!

As Jackie’s daughter, I am happy that she has been able to retire and enjoy her time after a very successful 30-plus years at the helm of the company and I’m excited about the future for The Dolls House Emporium under MyHobbyStore.





Amy Purser
Sales and Marketing Manager


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