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A Lake View from Genoa

May 2nd, 2013

If you have ever wanted to tackle a smaller project than a full-scale dolls’ house, you’ll know that you are well on the way if you can pick up an idea and modify to meet your needs.

Dolls House Emporium customer Sabrina Pagano, from Genoa, in Italy, liked the look of Lake View and spotted the potential of using the popular garden room as a property in its own right.

Here’s her take on the popular theme. See if you can spot the many other Dolls House Emporium goodies she’s added to the display.

Thank you for sharing, Sabrina!

Lake View garden room with optional back wall

Lake View garden room with optional back wall

Sabrina Pagano

Sabrina Pagano

Sabrina Pagano from Genoa



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