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Battery lighting offer for your dolls’ house!

May 10th, 2013

Light up your life with a flexible solution!

If your dolls’ house or diorama project is lacking a little sparkle, then why not add a warm glow from this range of classy battery-powered lights.

Planning ahead is usually the key so that wiring can be hidden during construction – but with Dolls House Emporium battery-powered lighting, you can add, swap and change to suit your mood!

With no wiring to worry about you can add interest by using hall tables, add mood lighting to nooks and crannies or make a big, bold statement in a sleek, modern living area! There is something for every occasion, from tall standard lamps to decadent chandeliers, ‘outdoor’ lighting and bedside reading lights.

There are also lots of handy tips and ideas at dollshouseblog.com or dollshouseforum.com thanks to our staff and customers who have installed dolls’ house lights themselves and know how something small can make a BIG difference!

A warm glow from the dolls’ house in the corner of your room can lift it from superb to professional – and create a new point of interest.

Take a look and see what might add something special to your project.

Pick up a few for your dolls’ house now!

dolls' house lighting offers


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