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Create a fairy dell fit for a Midsummer Night’s Dream

June 5th, 2013

As the longest day is fast approaching we chose inspiration from A Midsummer Night’s Dream for our showpiece house this month.
Perhaps you have enjoyed Shakespeare’s popular comedy as a ballet? You may have read the play at school, seen a television adaptation or been to the theatre.

Either way you’ll know how the fairies make light of love while the actors of a playwithin-
a-play are manipulated by the cheeky little scamps who inhabit the forest.

And because the event occurs near the day with the longest period of daylight, it leaves little time for night-time activity among the fairy population!

The small build we’ve used for this project is The Cabin, which is this year’s Creative Competition piece.

It was customised by Dolls House Emporium creative assistant Louise, who got to work with some items from the catalogue range – and a few choice bits and pieces from her garden.

Both the roof and the inside flooring were made from individual tiles (part 7012 – although the roof tile strips, part 7027 are also suitable). She painted the roof grey to give it some depth and then painted the tiles in a distressed effect to give them a weathered, country feel.

She also painted the floor grey, to give an effect of grout beneath the tiles, which were painted terracotta and laid in a neat, geometric pattern.

The items inside were typical fairy fare, comprising mostly a collection of full sized “found” items such as a cotton reel and candle holders.

Louise decided to paint the exterior of The Cabin white before applying white wood filler into which she stuck the garden twigs to give a rustic effect.

Exposed woodwork is supplied unfinished, so this was painted in Antique Oak to bring the desired effect.

Around the outside of the fairy dwelling is moss, collected from her garden,and artificial flowers from a local craft shop. The bell featured came from a lifesized Christmas tree, although part 6149 is also suitable for a house like this.

Finally, the featured fairies were created by modifying a pair of our own dolls, Phoebe (2709) and Libby (5054). You can find out how to bring them to life in our online tutorial.


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