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Bookrest, a wonderful miniature project from Viki McDonnell

July 29th, 2013

Ever wondered what Creative Competition winners do with their Dolls House Emporium vouchers?

Well, Viki McDonnell has been in touch with some pictures to show how she spent her winnings after scooping the top prize with her Moroccan fantasy back in 2010.

She has completed two projects, Bookrest, which is – of course – The garden Pavilion – and is featured below, and ‘Ronwan Castle’, for which we’ll add some images in the next couple of days.


Viki McDonnell DSCF0114 (1) DSCF0115 (1) DSCF0124 (1) DSCF0129 (1) DSCF0134 (1) DSCF0140 (1)-1 DSCF0144 (1) DSCF0147 (1) DSCF0149 (1) DSCF0161 (1) DSCF0361 (1) DSCF0362 (1) DSCF0365 (1) DSCF0366 (1) DSCF0487 (1) DSCF0489 (1) DSCF0494 (1) DSCF0502 (1) DSCF0507 (1)


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