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This week’s special deals at The Dolls House Emporium

August 14th, 2013

We’re ushering in the summer holidays with a raft of great offers to keep you busy during those long, hot days!

Top of the list is the Amber House Kit, reduced by an amazing £29 to a sun-drenched offer price of £70 (with FREE delivery) if you buy this week. It’s a flexible favourite for customers of all abilities.

Or treat yourself to Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, from Pride and Prejudice, who’s in the sale at less than half price!

With between 45% and 58% OFF 20 top-selling items in all, you could make a saving more than big enough to treat yourself to an extra whippy ’99′ or two while you’re at the park!

These extra-special discounts will only be available until noon on Friday* so make your choice now from our list and get in touch!

This week’s very special offers:

0142 Amber House Kit0142 Amber House Kit
OFFER: £70
WAS £99
8167 Fitzwilliam Darcy Doll8167 Fitzwilliam Darcy Doll
OFFER: £23.95
WAS £47.95
2468 Black Victorian-style Pram2468 Black Victorian-style Pram
OFFER: £4.50
WAS £8.20
3473 Washing Machine3473 Washing Machine
OFFER: £6.50
WAS £13.40
3645 Book Display Box3645 Book Display Box
OFFER: £14.50
WAS £28.90
4037 Dotty the Dalmatian (PR)4037 Dotty the Dalmatian (PR)
OFFER: £1.25
WAS £2.75
4663 Traditional Metal Crib4663 Traditional Metal Crib
OFFER: £9.45
WAS £18.90
5655 Baby Mabel Doll5655 Baby Mabel Doll
OFFER: £3.10
WAS £6.20
5741 Two Tiny Piglets (PR)5741 Two Tiny Piglets (PR)
OFFER: £2.25
WAS £4.50
5762 Lilac Cottage Miniature Dolls' House (PR)5762 Lilac Cottage Miniature Dolls’ House (PR)
OFFER: £2.95
WAS £5.90
5766 Red Velvet Throw5766 Red Velvet Throw
OFFER: £3.95
WAS £7.50
5797 1-Panel Railing, Plastic5797 1-Panel Railing, Plastic
OFFER: 95p
WAS £1.90
5853 'Marzipan' Fruit Basket (PR)5853 ‘Marzipan’ Fruit Basket (PR)
OFFER: £1.15
WAS £2.30
6117 Georgian Mantel Clock6117 Georgian Mantel Clock
OFFER: 95p
WAS £1.75
6783 Victorian Roll-top Desk (M)6783 Victorian Roll-top Desk (M)
OFFER: £9.90
WAS £19.60
7146 Shell Pink Posy Wallpaper7146 Shell Pink Posy Wallpaper
OFFER: 95p
WAS £2.30
7290 Blue Hydrangeas, 3 pcs7290 Blue Hydrangeas, 3 pcs
OFFER: £4.95
WAS £9.95
7291 White Hydrangeas, 3 pcs7291 White Hydrangeas, 3 pcs
OFFER: £4.95
WAS £9.95
7336 Misty & the Mouse (PR)7336 Misty & the Mouse (PR)
OFFER: 95p
WAS £2.05
8080 White Ice Skates (PR)8080 White Ice Skates (PR)
OFFER: 95p
WAS £1.95
9027 Wooden Chimney Pots, 2 pieces9027 Wooden Chimney Pots, 2 pieces
OFFER: 95p
WAS £1.90

* This offer ends at noon (UK time) on Friday 16th August.


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