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Broken Dolls project boosts photo fashion

January 20th, 2014

MJ Bellis Broken Dolls project

Here are some dolls and dolls’ house image with a twist!

Beauty and fashion photographer MJ Bellis, a UK expatriate working in Hong Kong for the last 5 years has borrowed some Dolls House Emporium background scenery for his latest Collaboration Projects.

The idea of these collaborations is to create a piece of photographic art, which can be used by all who help and support the collaboration.

In doing so, he offers an opportunity for companies and individuals to work together for the betterment of the beauty and fashion industry.

But look closely – aren’t those “dolls” real women?

MJ says: “I left school at 16 to study Art and Design at Fashion School, which took me into Photography, now I work closely with the Poly University of Hong Kong and their Textile and Clothing Department.

“Your Company represents a huge part of a concept shoot called “Broken Dolls”, I wish to use your Contact Lens within the photographic artwork that the team and I will create.

“I took a long view at my particular photography industry (fashion and beauty) and decided to give something back to the “community”, the community being the fashion and beauty industry within Asia region!

He’s also gained firm interest and support from Pretty Polly Hosiery, UK brand Irregular Choice, French fashion company Dark Art and Lolita style dress company Milanoo from China. The collaboration team has commitment from four Chinese female models, four make-up artists, two hairstylists, a professional photoshop retoucher and the studio.

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