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Dolls make a dolls’ house a home

September 15th, 2014

If you haven’t finalised the story of your dolls’ house, why not add a few dolls’ to become the main characters? With a host of different periods and styles to choose from we’re sure you will find the perfect leading lady or man for your miniature home.

If you’re working to a budget, the great value poly resin crafted dolls provide a centre point for any miniature room and can cover a range of eras. Anastasia, dressed in pretty pink, wouldn’t look out of place in a parlour or morning room of a well-to-do estate, whilst this clever ‘sitting’ Grandma could form part of a more modern scene. Perhaps Anastasia has brought scandal to the family or Grandma has stories of her own to tell as she knits and embroiders.

For a period doll to make an impact, Elizabeth and Darcy are clear winners. Delicate lace details on Elizabeth’s wedding dress and her dark ringlets are true to Austen’s depiction of one of the world’s favourite literary heroines. Darcy looks every inch the perfect groom, ruffled shirt, fob watch and top hat. The bride and groom could form the centrepiece to a dolls’ house depicting a period wedding, or maybe a modern themed wedding in a boutique hotel.

With more choice then ever before, even if there isn’t the ‘perfect’ doll for you, you can dress your own!

Which doll will you choose to write the story of your dolls’ house?


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