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Farmers’ Miniature Market or Harvest Festival

October 10th, 2014

We talk a lot about Halloween in miniature but there are other festivals that are native to these shores which can also be celebrated too, for example with the Autumn comes the traditional Harvest Festival where we give thanks for the harvest and stock up provisions for the harsh winter months ahead. Why not combine this foodie theme with another, that of the Farmer’s Market, an ever increasingly popular event at weekends in towns across the country, read on for more inspiration.

It’s a given that a market needs a stall and this bare-wood finished one is just the job allowing you to decorate it in any finish you like. What about a traditional green and white striped look? We’re sure you’ll have plenty of your own ideas! Fill up your stall with sacks, either full of flour or potatoes. Add a vegetable selection and a large scoop to help your stall holder handle the loose items into the brown paper bags.  All in all there is a lot to start you on your way.



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