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Illuminate your mini-world!

October 13th, 2014

Lighting can create some magnificent effects, just think of the Blackpool illuminations as an example or ‘the strip’ in Las Vegas, both testaments to what can be achieved with the humble light bulb! Your mini world doesn’t need to be any different, with a wide range of lights (many on offer this month!) there is every option to bring a little brightness to your 1:12th scale creations.

If you are still at the building stage then you have the option to install a full wiring kit to have your lights set on a circuit, using either the hardwired copper system or the more flexible socket strip method, either of which will allow you have lights on in every room.  Of course if you are in the process of redecorating your dolls’ house you can also add either of these systems without having tear up the wallpaper. You can pick up a lighting set designed to offer you everything for your chosen house, making things even easier for you. If you are unsure about the lighting. check out the video below, one of our masterclasses!

If you want the utmost in flexibility, what to add occasional lighting or are just not comfortable with the thought of creating a lighting circuit then you are going to be delighted with the battery operated lights, a range that is growing and growing! The battery operated lights can be turned on and off individually, moved to wherever you happen to want them, taken from one house to another, used to light the outside of your house and much more.

For a real ‘illuminations’ feel, there are even multicoloured lights, designed to wrap around your dolls’ house Christmas tree, why not get creative with them?



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