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One in every ten orders FREE at The Dolls House Emporium this weekend!

Friday, September 13th, 2013

This weekend only* we’re offering you the chance to gain unprecedented savings by making one in ten of all orders completely FREE of charge! (more…)

Back to school! A great excuse to SAVE UP TO 50% on miniatures!

Friday, September 6th, 2013

With the children back at school after their long summer break, there’s lots more time for you to get to work on your latest miniature project.

So we’re offering a fresh list of reduced items to help you along – with some items at less than half price!

And don’t forget, there’s a half-priced basement when you buy any of our collectors’ houses – and you can claim FREE delivery on every order over £50.

This week treat yourself to 5943 Hester, who’s now only £4.60, or 5538 Delphia, down in price to only £3.45.

We have lots of food, drink and kitchen items, as well as bedroom furniture including 2435 Brass Scroll Bed with Coversjust £14.75 – and a 2166 Cream and Pink Cradle with Pink Mattress, for £4.75.

Check out the extra-special discounts on 20 of our best-sellers and be sure to order soon, as these offers will only be available until noon (UK time) next Friday* so make your choice now from our list of dolls and get in touch!

This week’s very special offers:

2166 Cream & Pink Cradle & Pink Mattress2166 Cream & Pink Cradle & Pink Mattress
NOW: £4.75
was £7.90
2435 'Brass' Scroll Bed & Covers2435 ‘Brass’ Scroll Bed & Covers
NOW: £14.75
was £19.90
2818 'Gold' & Pink Wallpaper2818 ‘Gold’ & Pink Wallpaper
NOW: £1.15
was £2.30
4691 Letter Box4691 Letter Box
NOW: £2.95
was £4.50
5330 Pub Sign Set, 5 pcs5330 Pub Sign Set, 5 pcs
NOW: £6.50
was £9.90
5512 Doodles the Cockerel5512 Doodles the Cockerel
NOW: £2.80
was £5.60
5538 Delphia Doll5538 Delphia Doll
NOW: £3.45
was £6.95
5609 Genie the Cat (PR)5609 Genie the Cat (PR)
NOW: 75p
was £1.55
5742 Hairdryer & Hairbrush (PR)5742 Hairdryer & Hairbrush (PR)
NOW: £1.80
was £2.95
5835 Fox & Vixen Set (PR)5835 Fox & Vixen Set (PR)
NOW: £2.10
was £3.90
5836 Laptop, MP3 & Mobile Phone, 3 pcs (PR)5836 Laptop, MP3 & Mobile Phone, 3 pcs (PR)
NOW: £2.45
was £4.95
5841 Red Poppy Wallpaper5841 Red Poppy Wallpaper
NOW: £1.15
was £2.30
5842 Delicious Blancmanges, 2 pcs (PR)5842 Delicious Blancmanges, 2 pcs (PR)
NOW: £1.75
was £2.95
5929 Cornish-Style Storage Jars, 6 pcs5929 Cornish-Style Storage Jars, 6 pcs
NOW: £3.25
was £6.50
5941 Cornish-Style Bowls, 4 pcs5941 Cornish-Style Bowls, 4 pcs
NOW: £2.25
was £4.50
5943 Hester Doll5943 Hester Doll
NOW: £4.60
was £8.90
6328 Seafood Platter (PR)6328 Seafood Platter (PR)
NOW: 95p
was £1.60
6871 Delicious Meat Pie6871 Delicious Meat Pie
NOW: £1.95
was £2.30
7094 Eternal Rose Stripe Wallpaper7094 Eternal Rose Stripe Wallpaper
NOW: £1.25
was £2.30
7197 Climbing Yellow Clematis Plant7197 Climbing Yellow Clematis Plant
NOW: £4.90
was £6.90

* This offer ends at noon (UK time) on Friday September 13.

Up to 85% off miniatures in our big summer sale!

Friday, August 16th, 2013


Further price reductions on more than 200 lines! (more…)

SHOP SALE: Miniature bargains galore!

Friday, August 2nd, 2013
It’s your last chance to bag a bargain from our current range in our annual summer shop sale at Dolls’ House HQ in Ripley. (more…)

FREE basement when you buy a dolls’ house in August

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

It’s the first of the month and that means a string of great offers for Dolls House Emporium customers. (more…)

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